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Quest+iON: To Seek Your Non-Physical

Recent topics broached by iON on PAYDAY


PART 3 (7PM)
52:20 Bob as Anti-Christ (Rev.2:12-17) 5:51 Pg 106 in Finnegans Wake
PART 4 (8PM)
42:33 ion plays coldplay’s sound (“focussed energy”)


PART 3 (7PM)
53:28 before thought there is the interval between the quark and the action


PART 13 (5AM)
22:12 Bob’s Chart (Acts 6-9)
22:28 Luke 22:10 relates to Bob
38:00 ion rants on the holy offices
42:00 Bob takes over
PART 14 (6AM)
19:00 Bart asks about the salt cycle
21:00 the pickle and negative ph
22:00 lotus flower activates the process via the 14 degrees of freedom
28:00 more on the pickle and the iBlock
38:00 ion got “little men” from Bob
40:00 why RnA Drops have to be taken continually
50:00 ion tries to wake Bob up
PART 18 (10AM)
32:40 great rant by ion on Bob and Carolyn
51:38 ion rants on Bob’s holy offices
PART 19 (11AM)
13:15 ion suggests Bob should leave his archives with Eric McLuhan
15:20 ion predicts Megiddo soon
15:38 Bob will get the minerals in the Ukraine (end of session with iON)


PART 4 (8PM)
5:23 ion explains knowing as rear-view mirror (old meaning)
11:00 cancer explained (a short rant)


PART 5 (9PM)
33:40 ion knocks “media ecology
43:20 ion claims Bob fathered Eric McLuhan
PART 6 (10PM)
1:55 ion defines “media ecology” with its limitations
8:00 ion comments on Bob’s generosity
8:30 ion defines “coitus”
38:11 ion explains how the telegraph emptied the Guf
42:00 Bob gets his TELEGRAPH point confirmed by ion
PART 11 (5AM)
3:25 ion rants on Bob tatting
PART 12 (6AM)
7:27 ion rants on Bob’s lack of memory
9:00 more on the recently undead
48:50 ion rants on Lewis, Eliot, and McLuhan
PART 13 (7AM)
6:56 iCells are living
18:10 magnesium receptor sites in the lipids
19:00 mapping the 3 systems onto the Emerald Tablets
21:00 ion says we have to take the completement formulas or die
23:42 telomeres
29:00 Bob’s model of the 3 autonomic systems vs. dead medicine’s 11 systems
34:00 garbage dump from Japan is ditched by ion
PART 14 (8AM)
5:40 ion defines their happiness
20:10 Eliza asks ion about their emotions
32:37 our fingernails
34:00 ion rants about our fingernails
34:00 ion explains why Bob’s fingernails are split (see “Take Me to Church” lyrics)
40:00 Bob plays fragments as ion rants in frustration
PART 15 (9AM)
2:14 ion says Bob doesn’t engage in the issues of Ascension
7:10 Beverley says a friend grew her finger tip back (ion rants an answer)
21:00 what Angels look like (like you)
34:00 ion repeats a Michael Savage recording
37:40 ion says more on split fingernails
39:00 ion rants on “Hand Signals for the Blind”
41:00 ion rants on the four winds
42:00 ion explains “intention”
45:00 ion rants on Bob’s lazy listening
47:00 more on “intention”
53:00 ion rants on “Cameroons”
58:00 ion rants on Passover blood-letting
PART 16 (10AM)
13:00 ion makes fun of the snorer


PART 2 (6PM)
11:43 Innis
PART 3 (7PM)
12:12 Roxy asks about fatigue (ion rants on the topic)
59:00 ion rants on the “bloody flux”
PART 5 (9PM)
50:00 more on how RnA Drops benefit us vs. antibiotics
PART 6 (10PM)
0:59 more on the RnA Drops
9:00 Brian asks about the new currency (ion says the RnA Drops will be the only thing offering security)
12:12 “Bob is just a brain away!”
26:00 ion comments on many TV shows


PART 4 (8PM)
7:07 McLuhan comes through and announces his resignation (“the fifth and final body”)
PART 6 (10PM)
24:00 ion explains the Android Meme’s response to Bob
27:00 Plato’s “Ion” explained by ion
30:00 ionic Finneganese
31:00 ion complains about how Bob just “throws the ball”
37:00 matter precedes thought on the nuclear lamina level
38:00 are words sperm(atikos)?
44:44 Doug, vortices around the planet (ion responds with a great rant)
55:38 ion explains the effect of answering a certain way about argon (content of Angels)


PART 2 (6PM)
49:45 ion celebrates Bob’s slack
51:30 ion rants on what Bob is inventing
58:30 ion explains/rants what the gekko on the patio is seeing in Bob
PART 3 (7PM)
1:00 ion rants on the obsolete printing press
34:00 ion celebrates Bob’s consumption of Lappert’s ice cream
36:30 roseann’s voice is mocked by ion (identifies her “11:11″)
41:45 ion rants on the “mad die-off”
53:00 our body temperature is getting cooler (going from 98.6 to 98.0) (the lysine connection)

PART 4 (8PM)
6:20 ion rants on Bob’s glitches while playing a song from his computer
59:00 Bob explains the multi-media connections to our new environment and himself (ion cites Episode 16 of “Squidbillies”)
PART 5 (9PM)
8:00 ion does an inventory of the effects of the mass insanity coming
33:00 ion explains the role of iondom (references Buzz Coastin and Depot Street)
35:40 Bob explains why he had an “evil” influence on his colleagues
41:00 more on Bob and ion
PART 6 (10PM)
0:00 Bob’s relationship to money is discussed again
33:00 Lynn, Bob’s “napping”
56:00 ion recaps “The Event” via “The Fall of Man”
59:00 ion cites “March Madness”
59:00 ion says “The Event” is about “when you ascend”


PART 4 (8PM)
2:15 the relationship of “sin” to the RnA Drops
22:30 the perfect cell of 144,000 double helix strands (ion cites many Biblical chapters as relevant)
35:00 ion rants a summary of all the topics so far
46:00 ion explains how one gains weight [energy calories]

PART 5 (9PM)
2:00 Chad asks ion about erections vs. ascensions (in cave paintings) (ion refers to Bob)
51:00 we hear sounds of our coldplay factory via ion
59:00 ion says Bob died in 1945 with the oligarchy
PART 6 (10PM)
52:00 how the iCell affects everything
58:05 bert asks if consciousness has changed and ion says yes
PART 7 (11PM)
0:25 the eye may have a role in the new present
1:22 ion says Bob hardly thinks
3:24 bert asks about neurotransmitters


PART 3 (7PM)
28:23 ion points out the connection between McLuhan and Bob via the Tiny Note Chart
32:24 ion rants on Bob’s huge audience
PART 4 (8PM)
50:35 ion says Elon Musk will contact Bob
PART 5 (9PM)
6:00 Bob finds “L’il B” and plays video of him playing basketball (ion agrees that Bob and “L’il B” are similar stylistically)
42:00 ion allows us to hear the LIVING WATER
44:00 the effects of drinking LIVING WATER
PART 6 (10PM)
17:20 ion defines the iCell as a type of alpha-amino acid (ion gives the formula)
43:00 ion explains human ESP
PART 7 (11PM)
2:00 Germaine Renner helped manifest the coldplay with her words
PART 15 (7AM)
45:50 ion’s rebuilding the “cloud”
PART 16 (8AM)
30:00 “What ‘Youth’?” should get its mission from “The Hills Have Eyes”
56:00 ion says iondom is the theme of the Lannisters’ victory on “The Game of Thrones” tonite
PART 17 (9AM)
0:45 ion rants on our cynicism toward ion’s works
3:30 ion rants on ion’s contributions to Wikipedia
7:45 ion will place the new Emerald Tablet far into the past
10:00 ion engages good questions rapid-fire
18:48 ion explains the “Interstellar” movie
37:05 ion says Moses represented Non-Physical
52:00 ion rants on the first 5 seasons of “The Game of Thrones”
PART 18 (10AM)
5:12 the effect of the decreasing oxygen

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