AsKing QUE5TiONs
Quest+iON: To Seek Your Non-Physical



The Original Quest

To assemble the vast quantities of iON information into the following three mediums as an organized primer/introduction to iONdom.

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QUE5TiON Magazine

A physical print-out & digital PDF that you could easily share with friends & family.

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QUE5TiON Website

This website will be home of all projects related to QUE5T iON

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A DVD packed with all the basics to be included with the magazine.

Explore the other QUE5TiON projects

  • Read-Along Functionality
    Read-Along Functionality
    Project: Read-along functionality with word highlights [take your eyes off the screen and easily re-find your place since each word is highlighted as it is spoken. Also the text itself serves as an...
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Important: This site has been setup purely for entertainment purposes and all the content are designed to facilitate iONdom.
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