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Quest+iON: To Seek Your Non-Physical

Just the facts ma’am

If the kids knew

If the kids knew that we play the sound of our machine [coldplay] on the show. [Payday] It’s a non-physical hologram playing it. If they actually knew just the simple facts of whats going on, a few of them would be intrigued, the smarter ones, the ones who are ambitious and they want to find out and be a part of this. They want to get whats going on cause its awesome. What we do, we say here this technology is, listen to it..
There it is the magic future
You may not have some
How will we get it to you
We are here and you are there
We have a monstrous patriotic bill Nazi combine
In-between me and you
Now how do we get the cold fusion battery to you
Without the notice of the Fourth Reich

There’s the drama. -Bob Dobbs

Source: 40:48 Mark of 2015-04-19–0700—PAYDAY.mp3
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