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Hillary & Bob Interview Part 1, Excerpt 1
(First five minutes)

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Hillary & Bob Interview Excerpt 1

thank you so much for being here welcome to my show and lets start
thank you Hillary welcome to Maui you’re in Maui i’m in Maui i’m in where are you are and we’re in bills zone Discarnet is the term disembodied that’s what electric media like the telephone give us so i’m the host of not Cash Flow that was James Martinez which we were guest on every wednesday for three years two thousand and nine two thousand eleven and that the the two and twelve then I started my own show on Saturday night bill gave me unlimited time on to go in it since he said it wasn’t really a popular night Friday Saturday so I have gone as long as twenty hours on my Saturday night show with callers and it’s called Payday I’m in dot dot dot I’m in charge and means whoever get on the microphone or the phone and talks they’re in charge for the moment they the moment they are expressing themselves so I try to make it to particapatory I’m only there as the one who’s responsible for showing up every week but I’m not a dominant host I don’t really have guest I just let whatever happens show up and we do feature iON which is how I’m known on Achieve radio iON is not an entity it’s very strange process I like to get grand and call it electricity squared but it also says it is the environment of heaven or it likes to use the term from jewish literature religious literature the guf so it’s the environment of the guf where all entities go and hang out if they choose to transition or die but iON prefers the word transition so here it is the voice of the guf enviornment of the Guf has been awakened by me carolyn and J W the human being who iON communicates through and around uh is here to speak interact with people and says that we woke it up and the guf itself is not a creative environment it’s a place of bliss that all humans experience when they go there and remain in a weird bliss state and it doesn’t create you can’t create there but when you come forth into the physical you can create so iON is here creating for the first time the non physical is creating which is a sort of theologically the amazing transformation that we’re going throgh today which I kind of anticipated and talked about thanks to Marshal McLuhan and his insights for thirty years on the radio up in Toronto and other places I have an incredible time line of radio shows i’m probably the most of it recorded talker on radio that kind of medium though radio per se is not the medium we’re in anymore but speaking other than say a rush limbaugh or Howard stern who are recorded I assume by their corporations and everything is preserved I’m sure they have longer hours than me but I have a huge timeline and you can go on Payday on my site and see the endless hours and all of it turned out to anticipate iON so I can affect electric environment many what we call iONettes people who like iON have had private sessions with iON they will have iON show up and interrupt intervene in their texting just shows right there so iON can can modulate electrons and also iON claims to have altered the stock market in different times one of them was in May two thousand and eleven I think it where iON caused the drop of a thousand points in a short time during the day and nobody understood why and then and then they stock it up attributed to someone putting M in for millions instead of B for billions or vice versa which is absurd cause so my original name is Bob Dobbs but I came onto James Cash Flow with iON as Bob Neverett so that my notoriety as Bob Dobbs would not hassle James’s Cash Flow show and it worked nobody noticed I was over there for a long time now those people that would like to hassle Bob Dobbs are so shocked at the stupidity of me interacting with iON that I’m not even worth paying attention to anymore which frees us up to all kind of things so for

one second bob so you’re saying that once people found out that you were associated with iON
you had a a problem there with people pulling away from you in a sense

no these were the people largely in with all the church that gene you to always hated me for what I played in my relationship terms of it and they would mock me all the time which with normal I enjoyed that it will work all about slacking encourages that one on for decades one final showdown they did not gone off the deep end their their secular humanist they don’t believe in anything beyond the physical I don’t think that the one I did that don’t even bother me anymore they I’m not word even I why whatever that what happened and that allowed us to carry on a free of all their they can do a lot of harassment of your website and and ruin the talk show format having problem in Tonga that they dismissed me but actually with my completion of by so so far like work and it’s move in incredible levels when Ally offer products that make people happy like your trio these which I never expected that was more my ride the roll my bride of well forty three or before your since June nineteen seventy a county who now show on Monday on a T radio a tremendous show in every started be so the receptive to all kind of problems and have no immediately but we got the extra benefit the already talked with you for of and we Maggie like another product which or something that were given to us but I like that’s where I am becomes real eye on a given that the cold fusion that every right there in that we used to call me comments on it and we’re intelligent only is probably I can hear the typing and the the two and then you I have to say you know that what I came on the air with you last fall when you were talking about you were doing this long radio the non achieve radio and they came on as again Hillary Bob Hillary I’m proud to say what I I they they don build achieve we gave it to me and a hundred forty four hours a day on the air broadcasting playing recording and I try to break our elsewhere which I did did like about sixteen hours years ago so I I broke a record and you can hear the whole thing and not being transcribed and you have a link to the transcription on your page and my eight which is great you know double a link my chart with you the background everything I’m doing


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